So, I am sure by now you all have heard about the wonderful art gallery that opened in 2014 at 450 Dauphin Street in downtown Mobile, Gallery 450. Have you heard of all the things the Gallery has to offer besides the beautiful art?

Port City Realty shares the space with, over 30 artists & craftsmen, and several small local businesses including Exalte’ Magazine. We have a boutique area with fashion, locally made jewelry & crafts and books from local authors. We also have yoga classes, book club meetings and in June of 2017 we had our first early morning Pound classes with Dee Thomas of Rock Paper Fitness.

We are the most popular place to be the 2nd Friday of every month during LODA’S ArtWalk. We add music to the art; sometimes we add drama or dance. It’s always a great experience to be at Gallery 450 during ArtWalk!